May 26, 2018

Modular math parser

Spar is a modular math parser that comes with a fully featured text frontend, something like an interactive calculator. It also provides a simple but complete API for C/C++ programmers. This API provide a complete interface to a top down parser that supports variables, constants, functions, modules and a libc based math library. This math library overrides standard functions with a “custom” version such as. deg, rad auto conversion, infinite symbol, function domain….

Spar, can be easily extended with modules. A module is a “user” extensions, written in C/C++, to the basic features of the Simple Parser. Here you can find the module definition is a C structure that contains only few data member - module name - module version - module description - a pointer to the module main function

The modules are loaded at run-time by the module loader that is a high level layer of the module manager you can load your modules, simply, coping theirs paths into the .spar_modules or any other file, with the -c option.

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