May 26, 2018

SParse Object Oriented Linear Equations Solver

SPOOLES is a library for solving sparse real and complex linear systems of equations, written in the C language using object oriented design. At present, there is the following functionality 1. Compute multiple minimum degree, generalized nested dissection and multisection orderings of matrices with symmetric structure. 2. Factor and solve square linear systems of equations with symmetric structure, with or without pivoting for stability. The factorization can be symmetric LDLT, Hermitian LDLH, or nonsymmetric LDU. A direct factorization or a drop tolerance factorization can be computed. The factors and solve can be done in serial mode, multithreaded with Solaris or POSIX threads, or with MPI. 3. Factor and solve overdetermined full rank systems of equations using a multifrontal QR factorization, in serial or using POSIX threads. 4. Solve square linear systems using a variety of Krylov iterative methods. The preconditioner is a drop tolerance factorization, with or without pivoting for stability.

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