May 26, 2018


You are in the presence of a System Administrator. Kneel.

“On Usenet, we vent in a group called alt.sysadmin.recovery. The group has a FAQ. If you read the FAQ, you will find that you the users subscribe to this group at your own peril. If you want to be useful, why don’t you run over to the supply cabinet and get a new box of pixels for the monitor. As part of our venting, some of us have written a series of man pages that we’d like to see.”

Manpages you ever needed bosskill.8 c.1 chastise.3 ctluser.8 guru.8 knife.8 lart.1m luser.8 normality.5 nuke.8 people.2 pmsd.8 rtfm.1 slave.1 sysadmin.1 think.1 whack.1

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