May 26, 2018

Home Automation Software for the X10 FireCracker kit

What is BottleRocket?

BottleRocket is a command-line interface for Unix systems to use the FireCracker kit. It is easy to use, has all of the major non-gui functionality of the Windows interface, is easy to call from scripts and the backend code is made to be easily linked into other programs.

What is the X10 FireCracker kit?

The X10 Firecracker kit is a simple wireless home automation system, consisting of a lamp module, an appliance module/radio receiver, a hand held wireless transmitter and a wireless transmitter that plugs into a standard RS-232 serial port. Using either the handheld transmitter or the serial port transmitter, a user can turn on or off any of up to 256 appliances, and brighten/dim any of those that happen to be lamps and plugged into the special lamp modules. Each appliance to be controlled must be plugged into its own module, and each module is set by turning dials on the front to a unique address by which it is identified.