May 26, 2018

Show a scrolling ‘Matrix’ like screen

CMatrix - show a scrolling ‘Matrix’ like screen curses based

CMatrix by default operates in ‘eye candy’ mode. It must be aborted with control-c. If you wish for more of a ‘screen saver’ effect, you must specify -s on the command line. For usage, use cmatrix -h.

If you have any suggestions/flames/patches to send, please feel free to do so. Please do not critique my code, I know I’m a hack ;- I just got the urge to write this one evening, and decided to see how fast I could do it. It’s probably not particularly portable or efficient, but I’m pretty sure it wont hog too much CPU time.

This software is provided under the GNU GPL. I am in no way affiliated in any way with the movie ‘The Matrix’, just a big fan.

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