May 26, 2018

Psalms from the Douai Bible in fortune file format

Book of Psalms from the Douai Bible 1610 in fortune6 file format

In general, taking random out-of-context verses from a Bible is a VERY bad idea. This said, this is an experiment to generate a not too bad fortune-cookie database under the following principles

  • Only the text from the psalms, which are usually meant for praying, were taken.
  • The texts always include at least some context you are always notified where the text came from and there is always sufficient text so that the phrases make sense.
  • The text was taken from the classic Douai Bible, a direct translation from the latin Vulgata. The old language will not give you false impressions that you are actually understanding it fully.
  • No effort was done to remove the original comments. Non-Christians may rightfully feel the translation is biased.

This is meant to be a general aid for Christian meditation it is not generally to be taken as my message-of-the-day from God.

To use, you need UNIX fortune6 utility and you should follow the instructions from the corresponding man page.