May 26, 2018

GNU colorized ‘ls’

gnuls' is a port of the GNU colorized ls’ program–the one most Linux users are familiar with.

The port installs four programs in /usr/local/bin' gnuls’, dir', vdir’ and `dircolors’. It also installs man pages for all four programs. See the individual man pages for details on each program.


  1. This port modifies the GNU `coreutils’ make procedure so that it installs only programs and man pages listed above. In particular, it does not install the various GNU info files associated with the programs.

  2. This port installs GNU’s ls' as gnuls’ so it won’t conflict with the normal BSD ls' program or the BSD colorls’ program the latter available from the ports collection.

  3. This colorized ls' program is not the same as the colorls’ program available from the ports collection.