May 26, 2018

Small collection of programs that operate on patch files

Patchutils is a small collection of programs that operate on patch files.

  • Interdiff generates an incremental patch from two patches against a common source.
  • Combinediff generates a single patch from two incremental patches, allowing you to merge patches together.
  • Filterdiff will select the portions of a patch file that apply to files matching or, alternatively, not matching a shell wildcard.
  • Fixcvsdiff is for correcting the output of ‘cvs diff’.
  • Rediff corrects hand-edited patches, by comparing the original patch with the modified one and adjusting the offsets and counts.
  • Lsdiff displays a short listing of affected files in a patch file, along with optionally the line numbers of the start of each patch.
  • Splitdiff separates out patches from a patch file so that each new patch file only alters any given file once.
  • Grepdiff displays a list of the files modified by a patch where the patch contains a given regular expression.
  • Recountdiff fixes up counts and offsets in a unified diff.
  • Unwrapdiff fixes word-wrapped unified diffs.

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