May 26, 2018

Terminal (curses)-based file manager written in Perl

pfm is a terminal curses-based file manager written in Perl, based on the PFM.COM for MS-DOS originally by Paul Culley and Henk de Heer. Permission to use the original name was kindly granted by the original authors.

Some of its features

* Commands are invoked with only one or two keypresses
* Colored filenames according to extension or type
* Support for executing user-defined commands including wildcards
  with only two keystrokes
* A single-file and multiple-file mode
* Multilevel sorting
* Use of oldmarks and newmarks for executing multiple commands on
  the same group of files
* Supports bookmarks for directories
* Highly configurable through its config file
* Supports commandline history and completion through use of the
  GNU readline library
* Integration with versioning tools like Subversion, CVS, Bazaar,
  Mercurial, and Git

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