May 26, 2018

General purpose media decoding library

Gmerlin_avdecoder is a general purpose media decoding library. It was written as a support library for gmerlin, but it can also be used by other applications. You don’t even need gmerlin installed, only gavl. Most of it was written completely from scratch, but the sourcetrees of some other great software packages were used as reference documentation. Credits go to the authors of Xine, MPlayer, quicktime4linux and ffmpeg.

Gmerlin_avdecoder is one of the most complete general purpose media decoding libraries. The supported formats and codecs span a wide range of applications from consumer level mp3, divx etc. to high end production formats like 32 bit PCM and some professional uncompressed video codecs. Using gmerlin_avdecoder in your playback for transcoding application means rock solid media format support with an ever growing list of supported codecs and formats.

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