May 26, 2018

Qt4 bindings for GStreamer multimedia library

QtGStreamer is a set of libraries and plugins providing C++ bindings for GStreamer with a Qt4-style API plus some helper classes for integrating GStreamer better in Qt4 applications.

Currently, it consists of the following parts

  • QtGLib - Library providing C++/Qt bindings for parts of the GLib and GObject APIs, a base on which QtGStreamer is built.
  • QtGStreamer - Library providing C++/Qt bindings for GStreamer
  • QtGStreamerUi - Library providing integration with QtGui. Currently, it only provides a video widget that embeds GStreamer’s video sinks.

In addition, it provides a “qwidgetvideosink” GStreamer element, an video sink element that can draw directly on QWidgets using QPainter.

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