May 26, 2018

Portable library for handling Apple’s QuickTime(TM) files

OpenQuicktime aims to be a portable library for handling Apple’s QuickTimeTM popular media files on Unix-like environments. This project was firstly designed to allow the porting of the 3ivx codec on any Unix, but is now a completely separate and fully Open Source project. Details

  • OpenQuicktime library contains no embedded codecs but has a plugin system to dynamically load audio and video codecs.
  • OpenQuicktime contains no colorspace conversion algorithm.
  • OpenQuicktime is fully portable and fully configurable with all the autoconfigure and automake magic we have been able to add.
  • OpenQuicktime supports compressed headers decoding only for the moment.
  • OpenQuicktime supports Quicktime Sound System version 2.
  • OpenQuicktime can support any inputs and outputs file, HTTP, FTP, RTP, …, in fact the functions used to read, write and seek are overloadable.
  • OpenQuicktime has an overloadable plugin mechanism. This is a complex feature which enables any application to use its own codecs instead of the OpenQuicktime ones.

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