May 26, 2018

Video Disk Recorder - IP television plugin

This is an IPTV plugin for the Video Disk Recorder VDR.

This plugin integrates multicast IPTV transport streams seamlessly into VDR. You can use any IPTV channel like any other normal DVB channel for live viewing, recording, etc. The plugin also features full section filtering capabilities which allow for example EIT information to be extracted from the incoming stream.

Currently the IPTV plugin has direct support for both multicast UDP/RTP and unicast HTTP MPEG1/2 transport streams. Also a file input method is supported, but a file delay must be selected individually to prevent VDR’s transfer buffer over/underflow. Therefore the file input should be considered as a testing feature only.

IPTV plugin also features a support for external streaming applications. With proper helper applications and configuration IPTV plugin is able to display not only MPEG1/2 transport streams but also other formats like MP3 radio streams, mms video streams and so on.

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