May 26, 2018

Video Disk Recorder - remote control plugin


This plugin extends the remote control capabilities of vdr. The following remote control devices are supported

a Linux input device driver ‘/dev/input/eventX’, X=0,1,2,… currently not supported on FreeBSD

b keyboard tty driver /dev/console, /dev/ttyX

c TCP connection telnet


e some? FreeBSD uhid4 devices experimental support added by this port To use, add something like this to vdr_flags ‘-Premote -h /dev/uhid0’, restart vdr, then the osd should ask you to configure the remote by pressing the buttons you want to assign.

Note  If your remote is detected as a keyboard you'll have to
tell ukbd4 to ignore it first by doing as root something like

usbconfig add_dev_quirk_vplh 0x1241 0xe000 0 0xffff UQ_KBD_IGNORE

and possibly unplug it for a moment or reset it via usbconfig,
0x1241 there is the vendor id, 0xe000 the product id of the
device, you can get yours by doing

usbconfig -d 1.2 dump_device_desc

and looking for idVendor and idProduct, -d 1.2 there corresponds
to ugen1.2 listed by usbconfig w/o args.

You can check with

usbconfig show_ifdrv

if the device is then listed as ugen... uhid... you're good to go.

2nd note  If vdr cannot open your uhid device check it is not claimed
by xorg

fstat |grep uhid

If it is you may need an xorg.conf5 with manually defined
InputDevice sections for mouse and keyboard and

Option		"AutoAddDevices" "False"

in the ServerFlags section.

And if for some reason you want to reassign the buttons on the
remote you can stop vdr and do

touch /usr/local/etc/vdr/channels.conf

and/or remove uhid entries from

/usr/local/etc/vdr/remote.conf .

When you then start vdr again it should ask to configure the
remote again.

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