May 26, 2018

Video Disk Recorder - stream device plugin


This PlugIn is a VDR implementation of the VTP Video Transfer Protocol Version 0.0.3 see file PROTOCOL and a basic HTTP Streaming Protocol.

It consists of a server and a client part, but both parts are compiled together with the PlugIn source, but appear as separate PlugIns to VDR.

The client part acts as a full Input Device, so it can be used in conjunction with a DXR3-Card, XINE, SoftDevice or others to act as a working VDR installation without any DVB-Hardware including EPG-Handling.

The server part acts as a Receiver-Device and works transparently in the background within your running VDR. It can serve multiple clients and it can distribute multiple input streams i.e. from multiple DVB-cards to multiple clients using the native VTP protocol for VDR-clients, or using the HTTP protocol supporting clients such as XINE, MPlayer and so on. With XMMS or WinAMP, you can also listen to radio channels over a HTTP connection.

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