May 26, 2018

XAnim is a program that can display animations of various formats on systems running X11. XAnim currently supports the following animation types

   +  FLI animations.
   +  FLC animations.
   +  IFF  animations. The following features are sup-
        -> Compressions 3,5,7,Jmovies and lsmall
        -> Color cycling during single images and
        -> Display Modes depth 1-8, EHB, HAM and
   +  GIF87a and GIF89a files.
        -> single and multiple images supported.
        -> GIF89a animation extensions supported.
   +  GIF89a animation extension support.
   +  a  kludgy  text file listing gifs and what order
      to show them in.
   +  DL animations. Formats 1, 2 and partial 3.
   +  Amiga PFXPageFlipper Plus F/X animations. TEMP
   +  Amiga   MovieSetter  animationsFor  those  Eric
      Schwartz fans.
   +  Utah Raster Toolkit RLE images and anims.
   +  AVI animations. Currently supported are
        -> IBM Ultimotion     ULTI depth 16.
        -> JPEG               JPEG depth 24.
   +  MPEG  animations.  Currently  only Type I Frames
      are displayed. Type B and Type P frames are cur-
      rently  ignored,  but  will  be  added in future
   +  WAV audio files may have their  sound  added  to
      any  animation  type  that  doesn't already have
      audio, by specifying the  .wav  file  after  the
      animation  file  on  the command line. Currently
      only the PCM audio codec is supported.
   +  any combination of the above on the same command

XAnim also provides various options that allow the user to alter colormaps, playback speeds, looping modes and can provide on-the-fly scaling of animations with the mouse.

LICENSE freely used, copied and redistributed without fee for non-commerical purposes

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