May 26, 2018

Lightweight, flexible microblogging client

Hotot is a multi-column microblogging client written with HTML5 technologies through Webkit.

It supports Twitter and services, as well as real-time update via Twitter streaming API, profile editing, multi-lingual, thread conversations, three level in-app effects, trending topics detailed into city level, color labels assign colors to people.

For a geek, it has native notification system, HTTP/Socks proxy, vim-style keyboard shortcuts, and a powerful Kismet content filter system which could perform a few automated tasks, and speech input on Google Chrome.

It supports Instapaper/ReadItLater, Google tweet translation, geographic information shown on Google Maps, plenty of image upload services including Twitter official one and their previews, video preview like YouTube, URL shorten and unshorten many beautiful prefixes, and user stats through the internal extensions.

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