May 26, 2018

Track uptime and DNS status for machines on your networks

Hawk is a web based utility for monitoring and comparing hosts on your network with what is in DNS. Hosts that are answering pings but are not in DNS may be unauthorized, and addresses in DNS which are not answering may be able to be reclaimed. Hawk monitors all hosts on the networks you specify and lets you view them via a web page.

Hawk consists of a backend written in Perl that monitors hosts by ICMP pings and writes the status to a mysql database. The frontend is in PHP and lets you select which network to view, and how to view it.

This version has several enhancements to the original; including cleaner Perl code, a user-definable string to designate unused addresses that are in DNS, testing that the forward and reverse hostnames match, and the daemon forks one process pre subnet.

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