May 26, 2018

Open source tool to organize and maintain network information

Netdot is an open source tool designed to help network administrators collect, organize and maintain network information.

Netdot features include

- Device discovery and Layer 2 topology discovery / graphing.

- IPv4 and IPv6 address space management also referred to as IPAM,
including hierarchical organization, address block visualization and
IP and MAC address location and tracking.

- Cable plant information including sites, rooms, jacks, closets,
inter and intra-building fiber and copper wiring, circuits, etc.

- Contact information for related entities departments, providers,
vendors, BGP peers, etc.

- Netdot can generate configuration files for various other tools,
including Nagios, Sysmon, RANCID, Cacti, ISC BIND and ISC DHCPD.

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