May 26, 2018

NSNMP - fast, flexible, low-level, pure-Perl SNMP library

This is an SNMP message encoding and decoding library, providing very low-level facilities; you pretty much need to read the SNMP RFCs to use it. It is, however, very fast it’s more than an order of magnitude faster than NetSNMP, and it can send a request and parse a response in only slightly more time than the snmpd from net-snmp takes to parse the request and send a response, and it’s relatively complete — the interface is flexible enough that you can use it to write SNMP management applications, SNMP agents, and test suites for SNMP implementations.

The package also includes NSNMPSimple, which lets you get or set a single OID via SNMP with a single line of code. It’s easier to use, and roughly an order of magnitude faster, than NetSNMP.

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