May 26, 2018

Utility used to retrieve large files over the Internet

This is a port of Jigsaw Download AKA jigdo which is a tool designed to ease the distribution of very large files over the Internet, for example CD or DVD images.

Main features - The large images does not need to be stored on the server, instead only the small files contained in the images works with CD, DVD images, uncompressed zip files, tar archives… - In spite of the above, jigdo creates a bit-exact copy of the image on the user’s machine to achieve this, the directory data, boot block, etc. of the image is stored in a special .template file which is distributes alongside the .jigdo file - There is full control over where jigdo-lite will download the individual parts. It is possible to define mirrors, so users can choose the nearest one. - jigdo relies on standard HTTP/FTP, no special protocols needed. - jigdo-lite supports resuming aborted downloads, or continuing the download with another mirror if the current one is slow. - It is possible to “upgrade” the CD image, only the changed data will be downloaded.

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