May 26, 2018

Command-line based Direct Connect client

microdc is a command-line based Direct Connect client written in C by Oskar Liljeblad and designed to build and run on modern POSIX compatible systems. It uses GNU Readline library for user interaction. Despite the command-line user interface, microdc is quite user friendly and simple to use.

microdc2 is a future improvement fork of the microdc based on Oskar’s code version 0.11.0. After version 0.12.0 the project was renamed to microdc2 on Oskar’s request.

Features of microdc2 include

  • Nearly full support of the original Direct Connect protocol
  • GNU Readline support for command line editing and history
  • Sensible tab-completion of commands, user names, local files, remote files, speed names, and connection names
  • One process per connection for optimal transfer rates
  • Small memory footprint

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