May 26, 2018


Ceph is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability.

  • Object Storage Ceph provides seamless access to objects using native language bindings or radosgw, a REST interface for applications written with S3 and Swift.
  • Block Storage Ceph’s RADOS Block Device RBD provides access to block device images that are striped and replicated across the entire storage cluster.
  • File System Ceph provides a POSIX-compliant network file system aiming for large data storage, high performance, and maximum compatibility with legacy applications.

This FreeBSD build will build most of the tools in Ceph

  • Mon, OSD, rados, RadosGW, rbd
  • init-ceph, and etc/rc.d/ceph on top of that
  • ceph-disk prepare, activate With these tools one can build a multi server, multi osd cluster fully running on FreeBSD and do some testing…

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