May 26, 2018

Hexago Freenet6 Tunnel Setup Protocol Client - Free IPv6 tunnel

Freenet6 is an IPv6 access service offered for free to the community. This service enables thousands of people from all over the world to experience the best solution for a smooth and incremental deployment of IPv6. Freenet6 users can get IPv6 connectivity from anywhere, including from behind any NAT device or from outside of their home network.

On Freenet6, a single, permanent IPv6 address and a DNS name are assigned to each user, making their PC reachable from anywhere on the IPv6 internet. A full /48 prefix may also be assigned to a router, enabling the distribution of IPv6 connectivity to an entire network. Freenet 6 - Get Connected For Free!

Instead of a Web interface, which is usually offered by traditional tunnel brokers, Freenet6 uses an innovative model based on a client/server architecture. The Gateway6 Client is software that usually runs on a PC and that implements the Tunnel Setup Protocol TSP. The Gateway6 Client is used to automatically negotiate a configured tunnel between a PC or router and the Freenet6 tunnel broker, making IPv6 easy to install and maintain. The Gateway6 Client source code is licensed under the GPL. A commercial license is also available.

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