May 26, 2018

Real-time audio and video streaming and processing

Mediastreamer2 is a powerful and lightweight streaming engine specialized in voice/video telephony applications.

It is the library that is responsible for all the receiving and sending of multimedia streams in linphone, including voice/video capture, encoding and decoding, and rendering.


  • Capture and playback from various platform dependent sound architectures
  • Send and receive RTP streams
  • Encode and decode the following audio formats OPUS, speex, G711, GSM, iLBC, AMR, AMR-WB, G722, SILK, G729, and video formats H263, theora, MPEG4, H264 and VP8
  • RTP/AVPF support RTCP control messages for video error recovery PLI, SLI, RPSI, FIR
  • Audio conferencing
  • Supports SRTP and ZRTP encryption of voice and video
  • Supports any webcam, based on OS’s camera API quicktime, directshow, video4linux,
  • Acoustic echo cancellation using the speex echo canceler or webrtc AECm
  • Read and write .wav files
  • Optimized rendering of YUV pictures, using OpenGL, DrawDib, X11/Xv
  • Dual tones generation
  • Custom tone detector
  • Audio parametric equalizer
  • Volume control, automatic gain control
  • ICE for optimized NAT traversal RFC5246 to allow peer to peer audio and video connections without media relay server
  • Adaptive bitrate control algorithm for automatic adaption of encoder bitrate based on received RTCP feedback
  • Can use plugins to add new codecs, new sound input/output backends,…

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