May 26, 2018

Mpd is a netgraph4 based implementation of the multi-link PPP protocol for FreeBSD. It is designed to be both fast and flexible. It handles configuration and negotiation in user land, while routing all data packets strictly in the kernel. It supports several of the numerous PPP sub-protocols and extensions, such as

  Multi-link PPP capability
  PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP and EAP authentication
  PPP compression and encryption
  IPCP and IPV6CP parameter negotiation

Mpd have support for many link types

  Serial port modem
  Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol PPTP
  Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol L2TP
  PPP over Ethernet PPPoE
  PPP over TCP
  PPP over UDP
  PPP over specified netgraph4 node

Mpd also includes many additional features

  IPv4 and IPv6 support
  RADIUS authentication and accounting
  NetFlow traffic accounting
  Network address translation NAT
  Dial-on-demand with idle timeout
  Multiple active connections running simultaneously
  Dynamic demand based link management also known as ``rubber bandwidth''
  Powerful chat scripting language for asynchronous serial ports
  Pre-tested chat scripts for several common modems and ISDN TAs
  Clean device-type independent design
  Comprehensive logging
  Telnet and HTTP control interfaces.

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