May 26, 2018

Performs client and server functions for timing data throughput

The nettest and nettestd commands invoke client and server programs that are used for timing data throughput of vari- ous methods of interprocess communication. For TCP and OSI connections, the nettest program establishes a connec- tion with the nettestd program, and then it does count writes of size bytes, followed by count reads of size bytes. For UDP, the nettest program performs only writes; reads are not performed. The nettestd program, if used with UDP connections, reads the data packets and prints a message for each data packet it receives. The number and size of the reads and writes may not correlate with the number and size of the actual data packets that are trans- ferred; it depends on the protocol that is chosen. If you append an optional k or K to the size, count, or bufsize value, the number specified is multiplied by 1024.