May 26, 2018

Implementation of the PGM reliable multicast protocol

OpenPGM is an open source implementation of the Pragmatic General Multicast PGM specification in RFC 3208 available at PGM is a reliable and scalable multicast protocol that enables receivers to detect loss, request retransmission of lost data, or notify an application of unrecoverable loss. PGM is a receiver-reliable protocol, which means the receiver is responsible for ensuring all data is received, absolving the sender of reception responsibility. PGM runs over a best effort datagram service, currently OpenPGM uses IP multicast but could be implemented above switched fabrics such as InfiniBand.

PGM is appropriate for applications that require duplicate-free multicast data delivery from multiple sources to multiple receivers. PGM does not support acknowledged delivery, nor does it guarantee ordering of packets from multiple senders.

PGM is primarly used on internal networks to help integrate disparate systems through a common communication platform. A lack of IPv4 multicast-enabled infrastructure leads to limited capability for internet applications, IPv6 promotes multicast to be a part of the core functionality of IP but may still be disabled on core routers. Support of Source-Specific Multicast SSM allows for improved WAN deployment by allowing end-point router filtering of unwanted source traffic

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