May 26, 2018

Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) library

oRTP - Real-time Transport Protocol library


  • Written in C, works under Linux and probably any Unix and Windows
  • Implement the RFC3550 RTP with a easy to use API with high and low level access
  • Includes support for multiples profiles, AV profile RFC3551 being the one by default
  • Includes a packet scheduler for to send and recv packet “on time”, according to their timestamp. Scheduling is optionnal, rtp sessions can remain not scheduled
  • Supports mutiplexing IO, so that hundreds of RTP sessions can be scheduled by a single thread
  • Features an adaptive jitter algorithm for a receiver to adapt to the clockrate of the sender
  • Supports part of RFC2833 for telephone events over RTP
  • The API is well documented using doxygen
  • Licensed under the Lesser Gnu Public License
  • RTCP messages sent periodically since 0.7.0 compound packet including sender report or receiver report + SDES
  • Includes an API to parse incoming RTCP packets

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