May 26, 2018

Perl extension for simplifying FTP file operations

Is this module just like NetFTP? No it is not!

  1. It is a subclass and not a new class that uses NetFTP underneath. That means the object is a normal NetFTP object and has all the methods NetFTP has.
  2. It does not override NetFTP methods IE does not have methods the same name as NetFTP which means you don’t have to sort through how the function differs from the standard version in the NetFTP module.
  3. Its waaaay simpler to use without a bunch of weird config stuff to cloud the issue, odd hard to remember arguments, obscure methods to replace valid existing ones that are part of NetFTP, or new methods that are badly named IE think “grep” on this one. There are other things as well.
  4. It follows the paradigm of Perl name spaces, objects, and general good practice much better and in a way that is more intuitive and expandable.

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