May 26, 2018

Component Object Model for BBS systems

OurNet-BBS is a cross-protocol distributed network, built as an abstraction layer over telnet BBS-based systems used in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. It implements a flexible object model for different BBS backends, along with an asymmetric authentication and remote procedure call protocol.

This project aims to become a protocol agnostic middle-ware solution for identity-based information storage & retrieval, much like the Project Jabber’s goal toward instant messaging, or Project JXTA’s aim toward distributed services.

If you are new to the telnet-bbs platform, please download a copy of Melix BBS software in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese at http//

For some of its practical uses, search for OurNetBBSApp on CPAN, and the sample scripts in the eg/ directory in this module’s distribution.

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