May 26, 2018

Parse and construct OpenURL’s (NISO Z39.88-2004)

This module provides an implementation of OpenURLs encoded as URIs Key/Encoded-Value KEV Format, this forms only a part of the OpenURL spec. It does not check that OpenURLs constructed are sane according to the OpenURL specification to a large extent sanity will depend on the community of use.

From the implementation guidelines

The description of a referenced resource, and the descriptions of the associated resources that comprise the context of the reference, bundled together are called a ContextObject. It is a ContextObject that is transported when a user makes a request by clicking a link. A KEV OpenURL may contain only one ContextObject.

The ContextObject may contain up to six Entities. One of these, the Referent, conveys information about the referenced item. It must always be included in a ContextObject. The other five entities - ReferringEntity, Requester, Resolver, ServiceType and Referrer - hold information about the context of the reference and are optional.

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