May 26, 2018

Create SOAP messages defined by WSDL 1.1

XMLCompileWSDL11 understands WSDL version 1.1. An WSDL file defines a set of messages to be send and received over SOAP connections. This involves encoding of the message to be send into XML, sending the message to the server, collect the answer, and finally decoding the XML to Perl.

As end-user, you do not have to worry about the complex details of the messages and the way to exchange them it’s all simple Perl for you. Also, faults are handled automatically. The only complication you have to worry about is to shape a nested HASH structure to the sending message structure. XMLCompileSchematemplate may help you.

When the definitions are spread over multiple files you will need to use addWSDL wsdl or importDefinitions additional schema’s explicitly. Usually, interreferences between those files are broken. Often they reference over networks you should never trust. So, on purpose you must explicitly load the files you need from local disk! of course, it is simple to find one-liners as work-arounds, but I will to tell you how!

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