May 26, 2018

Network file distribution/synchronisation utility

This is version 6.1 of Rdist from USC. It is based on rdist from 4.3BSD classic. It includes all fixes for all bugs known to the CSRG Berkeley folks. It has been running at USC and numerous other sites for some time now on a wide variety of platforms.

This version of rdist is not directly compatible with rdist distributed with 4.3BSD and subsequent vendor releases, but does indirectly provide full backward compatibility.

This version of rdist does not need to be setuid “root” at all. Rdist now uses the rsh1c [remote command] program to make connections to remote hosts, instead of making the connection directly. This eliminates the need to be run as “root”. Many thanks to Chris Siebenmann and John DiMarco who came up with an rsh version of rcmd that makes this possible.

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