May 26, 2018

High-performance RTP proxy server for the SIP Express Router (SER)

The Sippy RTPproxy is a high-performance software proxy for RTP streams that can work together with SIP Express Router SER, OpenSER or Sippy B2BUA or any other SIP proxy or SIP B2BUA capable of rewriting SDP bodies in SIP messages that it relays.

The main purpose of RTPproxy is to make the communication between SIP user agents behind NATs Network Address Translator possible. Several cases exists when direct end-to-end communication is not possible and RTP streams have to be relayed through another host. The RTPproxy can be used to setup such a relaying host.

Originally created for handling NAT scenarious it can also act as a generic media relay as well as gateway RTP sessions between IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It can also perform number of additional functions, including call recording, playing pre-encoded announcements, real-time stream copying and RTP payload reframing.

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