May 26, 2018

Simple utility for sending/receiving data over a TCP or a Unix-domain socket

From the tcpcat README

Tcpcat is a simple program that is like `cat’ but it works over TCP streams to allow you to cat from one host to another.

The host common way to use this program whould be something like this on host a $ tcpcat -l 93255 | gzip -dc | tar xvf - on host b $ tcpcat -h hosta93255 file.tar.gz

Another good use for this program is debugging network stuff. When debugging a newtork client or server you can pipe the output of tcpcat to a hex dump I recomend xxd which comes with vim. Also it can act as a crude telnet server when invoded with –listen, –input, and –output, this mode is quite useful for network program debugging as well.

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