May 26, 2018

News caching/anti-spam/server-merging system

NNTPCache is Squid for news plus lots more.

NNTPCache very efficiently, using shared memory, COW, mmaps, etc executes on the localhost pretending to be an NNRP news reading server. In fact, what it does is pass certain NNTP commands through to real remote and possibly local news-servers based on various pattern matching rules. nntpcache then takes the output from those servers and caches & indexes it in funky ways much specific case magic goes into this. The next time such information is asked for, or other information which can be logically inferred from the previously collated information, it is sent directly from the cache, without consulting the remote servers. NNTPCache can transparently merge multiple servers, permiting local newsgroups with remote NNTP feeds, filter articles, xovers, and headers based on weighted regular expressions, and has built in NoCem/PGP anti-spam support see http// for details.

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