May 26, 2018

FreeBSD ports/packages administration and management tool suite

Portupgrade is a tool to upgrade installed packages via ports or packages. You can upgrade installed packages without having to reinstall depending or dependent packages. It can automatically trace dependency chains up and down upgrading packages recursively.

This package also includes the following utilities portinstall Helps you install new ports in a handy way. portcvsweb Instantly lets you browse change history via CVSweb. portversion Replaces pkg_version1 and helps you upgrade packages with portupgrade1. runs much faster portsclean Cleans ports workdir’s, unreferenced distfiles, old and orphan shared libraries, and stale packages. portsdb Creates binary database from the ports INDEX. ports_glob Expands ports globs. pkg_deinstall Wraps pkg_delete1 and provides additional features. pkg_fetch Fetches packages from a remote site. pkg_glob Expands package globs. pkg_which Checks which package a file came from quickly. pkgdb Manages and searches the package database. pkgdu Display a disk usage for installed packages.

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