May 26, 2018

HPGL to vector and raster formats converter and previewer for X11

hp2xx reads HPGL ASCII source files, interprets them, and converts them into either another vector-oriented format or one of several rasterfile formats. Currently, its HPGL parser recognizes a subset of the HP 7550A command set. Some high-level functions like filled polygons are missing Also, only the basic fixed character set 0 is supported Besides these limitations, hp2xx has proven to work with many HP-GL sources without any trouble.

It allows conversion from HPGL to

mf MetaFont, eps PostScript, pcl HP-PCL Level3,
preview, pcx PaintBrush-Format, img GEM,
    pic ATARI bitmap, pbm Portable Bitmap,
png Portable Network Graphics, ...

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