May 26, 2018

PostScript printer filter supporting a bidirectional serial channel

lprps is a collection of programs for using lpr with a PostScript printer connected by a bidirectional serial channel.

It contains the following programs

lprps	handles communication with the printer
psif	allows separate filters to be used for text and PostScript
textps	simple text to PostScript filter
psrev	PostScript page reversal filter
psof    banner filter

Some features are

  • Deals intelligently with output generated by the printer printer errors such as ``out of paper’’ are logged using syslog.
  • Updates status file displayed by lpq with printer’s current status.
  • Performs printer accounting.
  • Ensures that the printer is ready to receive the job.
  • Determines whether file is PostScript or text and prints it appropriately
  • Can automatically perform page reversal for the benefit of printers that stack face-up.