May 26, 2018

Perl extension for direct-to-lpd printing


Perl module for directly printing to a print server/printer without having to create a pipe to either lpr or lp. This essentially mimics what the BSD LPR program does by connecting directly to the line printer printer port almost always 515, and transmitting the data and control information to the print server.

Please note that this module only communicates with the BSD Line Printer Daemon Protocol as described in RFC-1179. It does not natively speak to remote print servers via SMB, Apple-Talk or Netware. Remote print services running lpsched, such as Sun Solaris or other Sys V-derived operating systems, will work so long as the print spoolers are set up to understand the BSD protocol. Most modern network-capable laser printers, such as those manufactured by HP and LexMark, also “speak” BSD.

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