May 26, 2018

Utilities for manipulating PostScript documents

psbook rearranges pages into signatures psselect selects pages and page ranges pstops performs general page rearrangement and selection psnup put multiple pages per physical sheet of paper psresize alter document paper size epsffit fits an EPSF file to a given bounding box getafm sh outputs PostScript to retrieve AFM file from printer showchar sh outputs PostScript to draw a character with metric info fixdlsrps perl filter to fix DviLaser/PS output so that PSUtils works fixfmps perl filter to fix framemaker documents so that psselect etc. work fixmacps perl filter to fix Macintosh documents with saner version of md fixpsditps perl filter to fix Transcript psdit documents to work with PSUtils fixpspps perl filter to fix PSPrint PostScript so that psselect etc. work fixscribeps perl filter to fix Scribe PostScript so that psselect etc. work fixtpps perl filter to fix Troff Tpscript documents fixwfwps perl filter to fix Word for Windows documents for PSUtils fixwpps perl filter to fix WordPerfect documents for PSUtils fixwwps perl filter to fix Windows Write documents for PSUtils extractres perl filter to extract resources from PostScript files includeres perl filter to include resources into PostScript files psmerge perl hack script to merge multiple PostScript files

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