May 26, 2018

Six utilities for manipulating t1 fonts

Six free UNIX/Windows command-line tools for dealing with Type 1 fonts. This is a revision of I. Lee Hetherington’s beloved t1utils package.

o t1ascii changes PFB binary fonts into PFA ASCII format.

o t1binary changes PFA fonts into PFB format.

o t1disasm translates PFBs or PFAs into a human-readable and -editable format.

o t1asm changes the potentially edited output of t1diasm back to either PFAF or PFB.

o t1unmac formerly unpost translates a Type 1 font in Mac format either MacBinary or a raw resource fork into either PFB or PFA format.

o t1mac translates PFA or PFB format font files into Mac format.

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