May 26, 2018

TeX backend for Jade, DSSSL processor for SGML/XML documents

This is JadeTeX, a TeX backend for Jade.

JadeTeX enables you to produce formatted output of documents written with the Standard Generalized Markup Language SGML. JadeTeX uses tex to produce Device Independent DVI output; from there, you can produce high quality hardcopy. JadeTeX also uses pdftex to produce Adobe Portable Document Format PDF versions of your documents, complete with hyperlinks, and suitable for distribution on the World Wide Web and other media.

To use JadeTex, run your SGML document, its Document Type Definition DTD, and its Document Style Semantics and Specification Language DSSSL specification, through jade with the “-t tex” option. Then, to produce a DVI file, run

etex “&jadetex” .tex

To produce a PDF file, run

pdftex “&pdfjadetex” .tex

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