May 26, 2018

Hierarchical Data Format library (from NCSA)

HDF4 originally known as HDF is file format for storing scientific data and a software library that provides high-level APIs and a low-level data access interface.

HDF technologies at present include two data management formats HDF4 and HDF5 and libraries, a modular data browser/editor, associated tools and utilities, and a conversion library. Both HDF4 and HDF5 were designed to be a general scientific format, adaptable to virtually any scientific or engineering application, and also have been used successfully in non- technical areas. The Open Source format is a key technological foundation for HDF core technologies. It allows users to collaborate with The HDF Group regarding functionality requirements and permits users’ experience and knowledge to be incorporated into the HDF product when appropriate.

It also permits users and organizations without adequate technology resources to use a sophisticated and robust data management tool for no charge.

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