May 26, 2018

Data viewing and plotting tool

Kst is a fast real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool with basic data analysis functionality. Kst contains many powerful built-in features and is expandable with plugins and extensions.

Features of Kst include

  • Robust plotting of live “streaming” data.
  • Powerful keyboard and mouse plot manipulation.
  • Large selection of built-in plotting and data manipulation functions, such as histograms, equations, and power spectra.
  • Color mapping and contour mapping capabilities for three-dimensional data, as well as matrix and image support.
  • Monitoring of events and notifications support.
  • Built-in filtering and curve fitting capabilities.
  • Convenient command-line interface.
  • Powerful graphical user interface.
  • Support for several popular data formats.
  • Extended annotation objects similar to vector graphics applications.

This port provide Kst 2, which is based on Qt4. It still lacks scripting support and backward compatibility with Kst 1.x series you can’t open kst-1 files in Kst 2.

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