May 26, 2018

Perl based tools for the McStas neutron ray tracing package

McStas perl tools to aid in running neutron ray tracing simulations.

McStas is a tool for simulating neutron instrumentation and experiments using a ray-tracing formalism. Currently the main use of McStas is in the field of instrumentation design.

This port contains a few perl-based helper tools including a GUI to aid the user in setting up and running simulations. The tools are mcgui A Tk/Perl based GUI. mcrun A Script that makes it easy to run sims and perform point scans and simple optimizations. mcdoc Script for viewing inline component documentation. mcplot Tool for plotting McXtrace-generated results. mcdisplay Visual ray-tracing displaying neutron trajectories. mcformatgui Front-end to mxformat to help reformat data-files obsolescent. mcdaemon Deamon to dynamically monitor and plot results obsolescent. mcstas2vitess Tool to transfer a McStas simulation to ViTESS. mcresplot Script to help plotting resolution functions.

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