May 26, 2018

Various Ruby artificial intelligence algorithm implementations

AI4R is a collection of ruby algorithms implementations, covering several Artificial intelligence fields. It implements

  • Genetic algorithms
  • Self-organized maps SOM
  • Neural Networks
    • Multilayer perceptron with Backpropagation learning
    • Hopfield net
  • Automatic classifiers Machine Learning
    • ID3 Decision Trees
    • PRISM J. Cendrowska, 1987
    • Multilayer Perceptron
    • OneR AKA One Attribute Rule, 1R
    • ZeroR
    • Hyperpipes
    • Naive Bayes
    • IB1 D. Aha, D. Kibler - 1991
  • Data clustering
    • K-means, Bisecting K-means
    • Single linkage, Complete linkage, Average linkage, Weighted Average linkage, Centroid linkage, Median linkage, Ward’s method linkage
    • Diana Divisive Analysis

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