May 26, 2018

Code generation tool dedicated to material knowledge

MFront is a code generator which translates a set of closely related domain specific languages into plain C++ on top of the TFEL library. Those languages covers three kind of material knowledge

  • material properties for instance the Young modulus, the thermal conductivity, etc.
  • mechanical behaviours. Numerical performances of generated mechanical behaviours was given a particular attention. Various benchmarks shows that MFront implementations are competitive with native implementations available in the Cast3M, Code-Aster and Cyrano3 solvers.
  • simple point-wise models, such as material swelling used in fuel performance codes.

MFront comes with an handy easy-to-use tool called MTest that can test the local behaviour of a material, by imposing independent constraints on each component of the strain or the stress. This tool has been much faster from ten to several hundred times depending on the test case than using a full-fledged finite element solver.

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