May 26, 2018

CD/DVD/BluRay and ISO-9660 image creation and extraction tools

The cdrtools software includes tools to create and/or extract ISO-9660 filesystems, verify their integrity, and write them to disc.

This package contains the following programs

  • btcflash a firmware flash utility for BTC DRW1008 DVD+/-RW recorder
  • cdda2wav a digital CD audio extraction program
  • cdrecord a CD/DVD/BluRay recording program
  • devdump dump a device or file in hex
  • isodebug show debug info contained in an ISO-9660 image
  • isodump dump a device or file based on ISO-9660
  • isoinfo analyze or list an ISO-9660 image
  • isovfy verify an ISO-9660 image
  • mkisofs an ISO-9660 filesystem image creator
  • mkhybrid an ISO-9660/HFS filesystem image creator Link to mkisofs.
  • readcd a data CD reading and recording program May be used to write to DVD-RAM and to copy Solaris boot CD’s.
  • scgcheck checks and validates the ABI of libscg
  • rscsi daemon providing access to local SCSI-devices over the network

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